gCode Generator Professional

gCode Generator Professional

CorelDraw CNC plugin


gCode Generator Professional is a CorelDraw CNC plugin. In addition to the pure CAM functions, the software also includes a CNC environment. With this, created GCode programs can be transferred directly to your CNC machine and started. You can adjust and set up your machine with many other features. gCode Generator Professional is the all-in-one solution for CNC machining in CorelDraw. Please note that only EdingCNC machine controllers are currently supported.


gCode Generator Professional includes all functions of the CAM and CNC environment.


CAM functions

  • Generation / creation of GCode (2.5D tool paths) from your 2D CorelDraw drawings
  • Support of a total of four machining profiles (flat and round machining)
  • Definition of workpiece dimensions and creation of the design area in CorelDraw
  • Text functions such as inserting, aligning, rotating text fields and setting the font and size
  • Cutting data input
  • Support of engraving depth regulator (engraving by means of spring pressure, without turning the spindle)
  • Measure workpiece surface (visualize measuring area graphically, set measurement parameters)
  • Contour and curve alignment options
  • Set zero points (manually or saved zero points)
  • Prepare, distribute and add nodes automatically (algorithm)
  • Import with preview function: import of documents or files (import drawings from CorelDraw, image or PDF files)
  • Three-dimensional representation of the created CNC program (3D window, zoom, rotation, views)
  • Saving of CNC programs, DXF and PLT files
  • Support for user-defined sections when generating the Gcode (program start, program end, contour start)

CNC functions

  • Display of coordinates (workpiece, machine and motor coordinates)
  • Machine status query (emergency stop, server connection, simulation mode, height correction, rotary axis mapping, machine door open / closed)
  • Activate and switch on the spindles
  • Activate / save zero points
  • Camera tool (precisely set zero points with the help of a camera installed in the machine, create snapshots)
  • Jogging / moving machine axes
  • Store, set and start user-defined macros
  • Load, start, stop and pause CNC programs / jobs (additionally: feed and spindle speed settings, estimated and remaining job time, start the CNC program from any line)
  • Three-dimensional representation of the entire machine area + tool position + machining contours
  • Activation / deactivation / 3D display of Z height correction data (surface measurements)
  • Security settings / machine doors
  • Start the CNC / GCode program from any line
  • Technical specifications

    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with the latest updates and service packs

    • Compatible with CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, X8, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

    • Compatible with CorelDraw Standard 2020

    • Compatible with CorelDraw Special Editions (OEM)

    • 32/64 bit

    • Intel Core i3 / 5/7/9 or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9 / Threadripper

    • 4 GB of RAM

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

    • An internet connection is required for software activation (once)

    • Machine control: only with EdingCNC controller

  • Download and product activation

    1. After ordering, you will receive the download link by email
    2. A personal license key will then be created for you and sent to you by email
    3. The software can be activated with this key


    The software activation always takes place for the current computer (hardware-related). If necessary, it can be deactivated from the current computer and reactivated on another computer.

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