gCode Generator 2

gCode Generator 2

CorelDraw GCode Plugin


gCode Generator 2 is a CorelDraw G-Code plugin. The software can generate G-Code / CNC-programs for your milling, engraving or laser machine. The full integration in CorelDraw allows you to optimize your work steps from drawing to G-Code creation. All necessary tasks can be carried out in just one single program interface.


This product includes all functions and features of gCode Generator.


All features of gCode Generator 2

  • Product activation


    1. Download and install latest version from here
    2. After ordering a personal license key will be created for you and sent to you by email
    3. The software can be activated with this key (see user manual)


    The software activation always takes place for the current computer (hardware-locked). If necessary, it can be deactivated from the current computer and reactivated on another computer.

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