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Installation of gCode Generator (step by step)

After downloading the application you can install the CorelDraw GCode/CNC plugin. The file download is as an EXE file. You can then start the installer for gCode Generator by double-clicking the file. The installer (setup) must be started as an administrator. This is due to the missing permissions in the CorelDraw installation directory. The installation for the trial version is the same as that of the full versions.

  • Close all running CorelDraw applications

  • Start setup exe by double clicking the file

  • The setup window opens, which shows you various informations

  • Select the desired CorelDraw version in which you want to integrate the gCode Generator plugin

  • Show and accept the terms of use (License Agreement)

  • Click install

Setup / Installer gCode Generator
  • Start CorelDraw for which you installed the plugin

  • After starting, click "Window" in the main menu of CorelDraw and select the "Dockers" drop-down menu

  • A menu of all available plugins / dockers opens

  • Click "gCode Generator"

  • The plugin starts and will integrated

Integrate the G-Code Plugin in Corel Draw
Activations window of gCode Generator
  • After the plugin is started, an activation window opens, with which gCode Generator can be activated. You need an Internet connection to do this (once).

  • There you enter your purchased license key after clicking on “Full”. If you want to use a trial version, click on "Trial".

  • To complete activation, click “next” (arrow button)

  • The software activation is hardware locked. This means that the license is only valid for this PC. If necessary, the license can be deactivated from the current PC and reactivated on another PC.

  • Done!​

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