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CNC Environment

g-Code Generator is a CorelDraw CNC software. This is integrated into Corel Draw as a plugin. The CorelDraw CNC plugin creates G code (NC programs) for your CNC machine from your drawings in next to no time. The software was specially developed for milling and engraving and creates 2.5D tool paths based on your drawings (CDR). In addition to the CAM environment, CNC software is also integrated in the g-Code Generator. With this you can control your EdingCNC controller directly via the CorelDraw program surface.

Why choose g-Code Generator?

  • With the help of the CorelDraw CNC software you can manage the entire workflow (drawing the design in CorelDraw / creating the G-code / controlling the machine) up to the finished workpiece in a single program interface

  • Reduction of the process time to the finished workpiece

  • The drawing functions of CorelDraw are very innovative and fully usable

  • Compared to conventional tools (DXF to G-Code converters), there is no longer any need to import or export DXF or HPGL files

  • Control your CNC machine directly from the CorelDraw CNC plugin

CNC functions

Coordinate display

The current machine coordinates are displayed at the top of the CorelDraw CNC plugin. These include the individual axes and a workpiece / machine and motor coordinate. The menu adapts automatically depending on which machine axes are configured and available. In addition, there are functions for setting individual axes to zero in the same menu.

Machine status in the g-Code Generator

The current status of the CNC machine is queried in the status menu of the CorelDraw CNC plugin. This includes the server status, emergency stop status and the current machine status. In addition, useful functions such as reset, homing and opening or closing a machine door are accommodated here. The output stages and I / O of the control, the axis of rotation, the Z-height correction and the simulation mode can be activated / deactivated here.

Control the spindle from the CorelDraw plugin

You can activate different spindles (offsets) in the spindle menu of the CorelDraw CNC software. Each spindle can be switched on and off. The commands for switching on and off as well as activation and deactivation are variable and adjustable. This is used, for example, for right / left rotation. Or if an additional output is to be switched parallel to the activation of the spindle. In addition, a specific tool can be changed in the menu. Up to six spindles are supported. Any name can be stored for each spindle.

Store zero points in the g-Code Generator

Up to 8 different zero points can be stored in the g-Code Generator. Each zero point can be set with a name and the absolute coordinates. These zero points can be activated at any time in the "Zero point" menu. In addition, the CorelDraw CNC plugin can save current machine positions as the zero point.

Camera tool - read out USB cameras in the CNC software plugin

A powerful camera tool is integrated in the CorelDraw CNC software. With this your cameras (eg USB) of the machine can be controlled. The camera tool is used for the precise setting of zero points. In addition, the tool can be used to determine workpiece dimensions (size) and the zero point orientation. These can be transferred to the CAM environment of the CorelDraw GCode plugin as required. This eliminates the need to measure and enter the workpiece dimensions in the CAM plugin environment. Camera settings such as device, resolution, images per second, mirror options, auto focus and image rotation can be stored in the camera window. Image options such as start / stop image stream, show / hide crosshairs, image effect (standard / monochrome), zoom functions and create snapshot can be selected. The crosshair can be adjusted in diameter for circular workpieces. This ensures that the zero point is set centrally. A jogging menu is integrated in the CorelDraw CNC plugin's camera tool so that you can move your machine axes while the camera is activated.

Jogging menu integrated in the g-Code Generator (move machine axes)

A jogging menu is integrated in the program interface of the Corel CNC plugin to control the machine axes. Optionally also in an external window (JogPad). There is an adjustable step mode for precise positioning. This consists of five steps (0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1 and CONT).


The macro menu in the g-Code Generator enables individual adaptation of machine processes. These macros can contain small processes or even entire machine equipment. These important machine setups can be carried out using the CorelDraw CNC plugin:

  • Set zero points automatically

  • Approach positions

  • Set the Z zero point automatically using a 3-D button or surface scanner

  • Measure workpiece surfaces for a subsequent Z-height correction (curved / uneven workpieces)

  • Measure and adjust tools using a sensor (length sensor)

The macro menu is fully flexible. A specific macro can be assigned to each macro number. In addition, the icons for the individual macro functions can be exchanged or customized. Further options are available for adapting and controlling the macro sequences from the g-Code Generator program interface. These include setting the workpiece zero, measuring the Z zero, scanning the surface and measuring the tool. They can be activated or deactivated in the CorelDraw CNC software as required and thus determine the macro sequence.

Transmission and control of the G code in the Corel CNC plugin

The job menu in the CorelDraw CNC plugin contains all the functions and options necessary to control the current CNC program (G code). These are:

  • Quick loading function, which loads the created job from the CAM plugin environment

  • Open and load CNC program / G code from an external file

  • Start / stop / pause job

  • Feed controller

  • Spindle speed controller

  • Display of job progress

  • Display of the current job line number

  • Display of the elapsed time

  • Display of the estimated time for the job (how long will the job take?)

  • Display of the remaining time for the job

  • Virtual 3D machine view live (shows the entire machine room, the job contours and the current tool position and can be displayed larger if necessary)

Tools / Tool measurement

The CorelDraw CNC plugin supports tool measurement with three different spindles. For full flexibility, each individual tool measurement is carried out using a user-defined and adaptable macro. All options and functions are in the "Tools" menu. This enables tool data such as diameter and length to be displayed and adjusted. The g-Code Generator is delivered as standard with three macros for tool measurement and one macro for calibration of tool measurement. In the calibration, data such as measuring feed, sensor position (X, Y) and safety height are specified.

Start G-Code from any program line

The CorelDraw CNC plugin supports the start of a job (G-code program) from a specific line. Such a function is very helpful, for example, when a job is canceled or interrupted (tool exchange / emergency stop). Because the job does not have to start all over again, which leads to a shorter processing time. To do this, simply search for the corresponding line number. If the line is found in the current job, the 3D view adapts automatically. The contours that have already been processed are displayed in green and the contours that are still outstanding are displayed in red. This enables optimal control of the machining contour that is next in the sequence. When starting the job from the line searched for, the machine axes can be synchronized either manually or using saved profiles. Using the adjustable profiles in the CorelDraw CNC software, you can adapt the synchronization of the machine to your application.

Integrated Z-height correction

To compensate for curved or uneven workpiece surfaces, our CorelDraw CNC plugin supports a Z-height correction. This enables the engraving or machining of curved workpieces without the need for complicated 3D toolpaths. This means that all drawings can still be created in 2D (CorelDraw). The Z-height correction then automatically takes over the third dimension of the surface curvature. To use a height correction, it is necessary to measure the surface, for example using a 3D probe. The g-Code Generator is supplied with a measuring cycle in the form of a macro. This measuring cycle is flexible and adaptable. The integrated measuring cycle takes over the execution of the surface measurement. As an additional feature, our CorelDraw CNC software is equipped with a display of the surface measurement. This shows all measured values in three dimensions and is used to control the surface measurement.


g-Code Generator supports manual data entry (MDI). With this you can transfer individual commands or G-code lines to your machine.


All status reports, messages and error messages from the machine control are listed in the log menu. This functions as communication between the operator and the machine.



g-Code Generator can be adapted to your application or machine in many areas. The following settings can be made for this:

  • Import / edit / update the machine configuration file (INI)

  • Import / edit / update macro files (CNC)

  • All machine processes can be assigned to flexible macros (reference run, tool measurement, approach rotary axis position, user macros)

  • Z-up movement when pausing a job

  • Spindle settings (offsets, name, activation, switching on and off)

  • Rotary axis position and orientation

  • Jogging feed override

  • Password-protected security settings (machine doors, security options, I / O)

  • MacroStart (transfer of the plug-in parameters to the machine control)

  • Dimensions of the machine room (travel paths)

  • Synchronization profiles for different applications and kinematics

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