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g-Code Generator is an easy-to-use CorelDraw GCode plugin. This is integrated into the Corel Draw program interface as a plugin and functions as a G Code Converter (G Code Creator / G Code Maker / CNC Code Generator). The CorelDraw to GCode Plugin creates NC programs (G-Code) for your CNC machine from your 2D drawings (CDR) in no time at all. g-Code generator was specially developed for milling and engraving. The application creates 2.5D movement data for your machine.

Why choose g-Code Generator?

  • With the CorelDraw GCode Plugin you can create your drawings / designs and the G-Code in just one program interface

  • The drawing functions of CorelDraw are very innovative and can be used in their entirety in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin

  • It is no longer necessary to import or export files (DXF, PLT or HPGL)

  • The integrated solution shortens the work flow and the associated time

CAM functions

Machining mode

g-Code Generator supports a total of four different editing modes / profiles. These are used for different machining kinematics of the machine. These include inner, outer, round and flat machining. All modes can be adapted to your machine kinematics in the settings of the CorelDraw to GCode plugin.

Flat machining

Round machining - rotary axis

Ring machining - axis of rotation

Define workpiece dimensions and work area in the Corel to GCode plugin

The workpiece dimensions are defined here. When entering values, the CorelDraw GCode plugin automatically creates the design area. Circular or elliptical work pieces are also supported. The orientation and position of the workpiece zero point is stored once in the settings. When selecting the processing, a stored zero point can be set and taken into account when drawing the sheet.

Text functions in the g-Code Generator plugin

As soon as the design area is defined in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin, machining curves can be added. The text function creates, edits and orients texts in the CorelDraw sheet. This allows text to be added even faster. When it starts, g-Code Generator automatically imports all fonts that are installed on the current computer. The font size is supported in different units (pt, mm, inch). Angular orientation is also possible.

Cutting data in CorelDraw to GCode plugin

You can set all relevant CNC processing parameters in the cutting data menu of the CorelDraw GCode plugin. These include safety height, immersion height, start height, end depth, cutting depth, feed speed, immersion speed and spindle speed. For engravings or processes that are to be processed without a spindle, there is an extra option to deactivate the spindle and, for example, to activate an engraving depth regulator. A spring preload can be activated in the settings of the CorelDraw GCode plugin. If a spring preload is activated and the spindle is deactivated, the menu for entering the cutting data is automatically adjusted.

Integrated surface measurement in the G-Code Creator plugin

The CorelDraw to GCode plugin supports the measurement and scanning of workpiece surfaces. Using surface measurements, the machining of curved or uneven workpieces is no longer a problem. Even if, for example, flat workpieces are clamped at an angle, a measurement can be carried out. The measurement is defined in the "Measure surface" menu. You can also enter the X distance, Y distance, the safety height and the minimum depth. Further parameters are Z-increments and the scanning speed. When creating the measurement area, the CorelDraw GCode plugin automatically recognizes the size of the curves, which are in the design area of Corel Draw. Using the X and Y distance, the application now creates the measurement area, which consists of an outer frame and the individual measurement points. This means that you no longer have to enter the dimensions of the measuring range manually, but the CorelDraw plug-in automatically takes on this task for you. The measurement area is then graphically displayed in the CorelDraw design area. The number of measuring points is also displayed.

Alignment options in the G-Code Converter

In the alignment menu of the CorelDraw to GCode plugin, you can align single or multiple selected contours (curves). The alignment takes place by means of an alignment object, which is by default the outer edge of the workpiece. The reference of the alignment can also be set. This can take place towards the edge or towards the center of the alignment object.

Set the zero point in the g-Code generator

In the CorelDraw GCode plugin you can set your workpiece zero at any time. The zero point and the corresponding orientation can either be set manually or using a saved zero point from the settings.

Node optimization

The node structure of the existing contours (curves) is very important for controlling CNC machines. Since CorelDraw is a vector drawing program, the number of nodes is too few. The distribution of the nodes in the contour is also not advantageous for CNC machines. Therefore, the node structure must be prepared before creating the CNC program. This is done in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin with an integrated node algorithm. The addition of nodes takes place on a dynamic principle, which can be controlled by two setting parameters "segment length" and a "curvature factor". The knot algorithm should only add knot points to the contour at which knot points are really needed. No nodes are added for straight movements (straight contours). With curves, nodes are only added at strongly curved points. The result is shown in the following images. The node algorithm can be called in the CorelDraw GCode plugin before creating the G code (CNC program). If the contours have already been optimized with regard to their node structure, the node algorithm can be deactivated. Static addition or removal of nodes is also possible. Static here means that nodes are always added in the middle of each segment of the contour. Of course, the CorelDraw to GCode plugin can also dynamically optimize the node structure of individual contours and export the output as DXF, for example.






In the "Import" menu of the Corel to GCode plugin, you can import any drawings into the design area of the CorelDraw sheet. g-Code Generator lists all importable files in a selected directory. A preview of the file is shown before importing. When you click on "Import", the Corel GCode Plugin adds the drawing to the current CorelDraw sheet. This allows you to import files and drawings very quickly with the help of a preview window.

G code and CNC program

In the "Create and Save" area of the CorelDraw GCode plugin you have the option of creating the CNC program (GCode) or saving it as a file. For this, the node algorithm is activated or deactivated. When the creation is finished, the current Gcode is displayed in three dimensions (NC Viewer). This enables full control over all settings and processing parameters. In addition, the Corel to GCode plugin can also display the actual nodes of the contours. The three-dimensional representation can be shown in a large window if necessary.

Route optimization

g-Code generator automatically recognizes the structure and order of the contours present. The machining sequence for several contours is optimized using the shortest route. Regardless of the order in which you draw your individual contours (curves), the CorelDraw to GCode plugin sorts and optimizes the order automatically.



The CorelDraw GCode plugin can be adapted for your application. For example, the coordinate axes can be adapted to your CNC machine. The following settings can be set in g-Code Generator:

  • Machine axes can be individually adapted to the drawing axes (X, Y) of CorelDraw

  • CNC programs for rotation axes (A, B, C) can be created

  • Coordinates of the axes can be inverted

  • Round machining with and without mapping is supported

  • Zero points can be assigned to an machining mode

  • Tool numbers can be assigned to an machining mode

  • Engraving depth regulators with spring preload are supported

  • Use of a milling spindle can be activated or deactivated

  • The position of the first measuring point in the measuring range can be set at all four corners of the workpiece

  • User defined CNC lines / sections can be defined (program start / program end / contour start)

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