Features of gCode Generator

CorelDraw G-Code Plugin

gCode Generator is an easy-to-use CorelDraw GCode plugin. This is integrated into the Corel Draw program interface as a plugin and functions as a G Code Converter (G Code Creator / G Code Maker / CNC Code Generator). The CorelDraw to GCode Plugin creates NC programs (G-Code) for your CNC machine from your 2D drawings (CDR) in no time at all. g-Code generator was specially developed for milling, engraving and laser processing. The application creates 2.5D movement data for your machine.

Create G-Code in CorelDraw

Create G-Code (CNC programs) from your CorelDraw drawings very quickly. 

Workpiece data input and document creation in the Corel to GCode plugin

The workpiece dimensions are defined here. When entering values, the CorelDraw GCode plugin automatically creates the design area. Circular or elliptical workpiece shapes are also supported. Simply select your workpiece zero and start drawing. A few workpiece data inputes can adapted throw the post processor settings.

gCode Generator workpiece data input.JPG

Parallel working on several documents (document tabs)

All gCode generator inputs and tool paths are saved in the current document. When changing a document, the gcode plugin always shows the data of the current document. So you can work on several documents at the same time.

Save and open gCode Generator project files

To save your current work / tool paths / drawings, simply save your CorelDraw document (CDR). All data from gCode Generator are saved at the same time. After opening the document, all data are available again.

Post processors / Support for most CNC controls

gCode generator supports most CNC controls. For example: EdingCNC, Mach3 / 4, CNCGraf, BZT, Estlcam, Isel, NC-Easy, Planet CNC, WinPC and many more. The scope of delivery includes 3 standard post processors. These cover most of the applications. In the CorelDraw G-Code plugin all postprocessor settings can be adapted to your application and needs. These can be, for example: program start sections, program end sections, operation start sections and tool chang sections. For further information please download the manual.

Automatic increase of nodes

The CorelDraw G-Code plugin automatic add nodes to your created tool paths, but not to your original shape. This is necessary to get a right curve/contour for CNC machining. The automatic increase is integrated in all type of machining (contour/pocketing/drilling). You just select a increase factor and gCode Generator does the rest for you.







Tool list integrated in CorelDraw CNC plugin

gCode Generator has an integrated tool list. There you can store and save all of your milling and machining tools. These tools are then taken into account when creating toolpaths.

CorelDraw GCode Plugin Tool list.png

3D illustration of the G-Code

The CorelDraw CNC plugin illustrate all created G-Code in a 3D viewport. Toolpaths are shown in blue and plunge processes in pink. So you can simply check the G-Code you have created. You can also display the positions / coordinates of the nodes.

3D illustration of G-Code: gCode Generator

Contour machining (center, left, right, inside, outside)

gCode Generator supports the creation of outlines of your drawing objects. You can choose whether you want to have a contour machining in the middle, left, right, inside or outside. Open and closed curve objects are supported.

Pocket machining

In addition to the creation of individual contours, gCode Generator also supports the creation of pocket machining. With this you can create material depressions or islands in your workpiece. This only works with closed curves. Individual or combined curves can be taken into account.


You can easily drill your workpiece with the drilling process. Every type of shape / curve is supported. Just select and add drilling points. A drilling point is added in the middle of each drawing object. The drilling supports various retraction settings (without retraction / retraction to the immersion height / retraction to the previous cutting plane).

Surface measurement (create measuring grid) in gCode Generator

gCode Generator supports the creation of a measurement grid for your drawing objects. This is required for a surface measurement of the workpiece, for example to carry out a Z-height correction on uneven or curved workpiece surfaces. To do this, you need a probe on your CNC machine. Simply select your wanted drawing objects (curves) and click on "Create measurement range". The CorelDraw G-Code plugin automatically draw the grid.

The measuring grid can be created for any type of machining (flat or rotary machining). gCode Generator can write the measurement paramters in the G-Code file. In this way, they can be forwarded to the CNC control and processed from there. E.g. you can execute a measuring cycle (macro) in your CNC control software (before job begins).

Corel to g code - measurement grid

Rotary axis support (including mapping) in G-Code Plugin

Regardless of whether you want to perform flat or rotary machining. gCode Generator supports both. Simply select a suitable postprocessor and the application creates G-code with angular coordinates. It does not matter whether your axis of rotation is aligned along the X or Y axis. The orientation can be changed in the post processor settings. Mapping the X or Y axis to rotation axis, e.g. Y -> A mapping, is also supported.

corel to gcode rotation machining example
corel to cnc rotation machining example 3D
corel to gcode rotation machining example 3D
Snippet of CNC Code in gCode Generator

Path / route optimization

The CorelDraw CNC plugin supports route optimization. All tool paths are sorted in such a way that the shortest path results. Optimize your process time, regardless of the order in which you have drawn your drawing objects.

Example of route optimization - Drilling

gCode creator corel draw route optimization example

Without route optimization

gcode creator route optimization no

With route optimization

gcode maker route optimization yes