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What is g-Code generator and what is it used for?

g-Code Generator is a CorelDraw GCode plugin and CNC plugin. This is integrated as an extension in CorelDraw and is available as Docker / Tool after installation. The CAM environment of gCode Generator is used to generate machine data (2.5D CNC programs and GCode). The CNC environment of the CorelDraw GCode plugin is used for direct control of your machine.

What is the difference between gCode Generator Home and gCode Generator Professional?

gCode Generator Home includes only the CAM environment with which you can create and save GCode / CNC programs directly in CorelDraw. gCode Generator Professional includes a CNC environment in addition to the CAM functions. This couples your milling or engraving machine with the Plugin and thus with CorelDraw. It connects and controls the machine.

What is the difference between the CorelDraw GCode plugin and other CAM software?

The main difference is a simpler workflow from drawing to finished workpiece. Since the g-Code Generator is integrated into CorelDraw as a plugin, you can use all of CorelDraw's very innovative drawing tools. In the next step you create your CNC programs in the same program interface. This means that the entire process (from the drawing to the finished CNC program) takes place in a single interface with the help of the CorelDraw to GCode plugin. File exports as DXF , HPGL or PLT are a thing of the past.

What is the advantage of a g-Code Generator over DXF to G-code converters?

DXF to GCode converters convert a DXF file into G-Code / CNC programs. You always need a drawing as a DXF or plotter file with which you can work. These drawings (DXF files) are mostly created in drawing programs such as CorelDraw. As you can see, two independent software environments are required. The drawing program, for example CorelDraw, and the DXF to GCode Converter. The advantage of our CorelDraw GCode Plugin (gCode Generator) is obvious here. All you need is one software environment. All file imports and exports are eliminated. This saves you valuable time.

What CAM processing options are there in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin?

Four different editing options (profiles) are supported in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin. This includes inner, outer, round and flat machining. Ringinside and Ringoutside machining is intended for contours along a circumference. Round machining is the standard profile for machining with a rotary axis. Flat machining is the standard profile for machining without a rotary axis (3-axis machine kinematics). All profiles of the CorelDraw GCode plugin are customizable.

Can I use the traditional drawing tools in CorelDraw?

You can use all of CorelDraw's drawing tools without restriction. g-Code Generator contains a few drawing functions, which however do not have to be used. The only thing that has to be considered is the creation of the sheets by the CorelDraw GCode plugin. A number of layer are created here, which are required for correct creation of GCode. The design contours must be on the "UserContent" level.

Can I just use g-Code Generator's node optimization?

Yes. You do not necessarily have to create a CNC program. The node optimization of the CorelDraw to GCode plugin can be used for each selected contour or curve in CorelDraw.

Are rotation or rotary axes also supported in the CorelDraw CNC plugin?

Yes. Rotation axes are fully supported in the CorelDraw GCode plugin and in the CorelDraw CNC software environment.

Which machine controllers are supported by g-Code Generator Pro?

For the use of the CorelDraw CNC plugin, only EdingCNC controllers are currently supported. We want to support other machine controllers in the future.

You can use the CAM environment independently of any machine controller.

How many machine axes are supported in the CorelDraw to GCode plugin?

The CorelDraw to GCode plugin and the CorelDraw CNC software support up to 6 machine axes (X, Y, Z, A, B, C). The number of supported axes depends on the machine controller you are using.

Can I upgrade directly from the trial version to a full version of g-Code Generator?

Yes. You can start directly with the full version after entering a valid license key. All settings of the CorelDraw GCode plugin and the CorelDraw CNC plugin are 100% adopted by the test version.

How can I install software updates?

Updates can be carried out by setting up the newer version again. Simply download the latest version, start it and select the correct installation path. Then the CorelDraw GCode plugin and the CorelDraw CNC plugin are updated. Here, too, all settings are applied in full.

Which languages and units are supported by g-Code generator?

g-Code Generator currently supports German and English. The English translation is currently only available for the Docker interface. All other external application windows of the CorelDraw GCode plugin and the CorelDraw CNC plugin are translated promptly. Other languages will follow.

g-Code Generator supports different units (inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters, meters).

FAQ - general

What is GCode?

GCode is a name for the most commonly used CNC programming language (CNC) for the production and control of automated machine tools.

What is CAM software?

CAM software is machine tool independent software for generating G code (NC code).

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