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What is gCode Generator?

gCode Generator is a CorelDraw GCode/CAM plugin with which you can create G-Code (CNC programs) from your drawings very quickly. In addition to the pure GCode generation, the CorelDraw to GCode plugin contains many other CAM functionalities. 

Main Features of CorelDraw G-Code Plugin

coreldraw to gcode plugin - contour machining

Contour machining

gCode Generator can creates outlines/contours of all drawing objects. It supports open and closed curves and can create contours that are centered, left, right, inside or outside of your drawing object.

coreldraw to gcode plugin - pocketing

Pocket machining

In addition to the creation of individual contours, gCode Generator also supports the creation of pocket machining. With this you can create material depressions or islands in your workpiece. This only works with closed curves. Individual or combined curves can be taken into account.

coreldraw g code plugin - drilling


You can easily drill your workpiece with the drilling process. Every type of shape / curve is supported. Just select and add drilling points. A drilling point is added in the middle of each drawing object. The drilling supports various retraction settings (without retraction / retraction to the immersion height / retraction to the previous cutting plane).

gCode Generator - working with different documents

Document independent creation of tool paths

With gCode Generator tool paths can be created and saved in any CorelDraw document. When opening the previously saved document, all settings and tool paths are immediately available again.

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